Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Storybridge Weekend

Well a great time was had by all at Selwyn College last weekend and in the process this - my very first Blog was born (and very painful it was too).   I am still at the drooling over the new baby stage so any readers that may happen upon this post-birth stage will undoubtedly forgive me.  It is coupled, terrifyingly, with the advent of my new laptop which is making the process a whole lot harder than it ought to be.  Still, fun eh???

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Getting there slowly but surely.

Much more slowly than surely but there you go.


At last, with the help of genius James, this blog is beginning to take on a better shape.

Post No. 4

The problem is that the little icons keep changing their names (or their place) - very confusing.

Not as easy as it first appears to be.

I think I might be in the D stream with this blogging business but hopefully things will improve in the not too distant future.

Second Post - wow!

`Second Post' sounds a bit ominous doesn't it but not to worry, upward and onward.

Welcome to my absolutely new Word Wizardry blog!

Creating a very first blog post is of course just a bit intimidating.   The purpose and function of the exercise is to attempt to reach the realm of new readers for my latest writings (more about that later) and also to share odd bits of information to do with the wonderful world of words.