Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hard Labour

Well today, I told myself, was going to be the day when I rejoined Facebook and tackled Twitter and once again began to take advantage of all that lovely social interaction - not to mention enjoy the undoubted value of another platform for publicizing my writing.    It should be easy, everyone tells me so, and I even have a book which is helpfully titled `Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies' to help if I got stuck.      I got stuck immediately of course and then inexplicably seemed to give myself an important Life Event by getting married yesterday!   Now that, I hear you say, should be easy to undo but it hasn't worked out that way and already several messages of confused congratulations have rolled into my mailbox.   
Downloading a profile photo also loomed up like the Thames Barrier and making the webcam work proved impossible so in despair I resorted to  a strange photo of me in the kitchen standing before a cake of some kind....which I was obviously proud of because someone had been detailed to take the photo in the first place.    
I haven't even started on Twitter but anyway I am giving up at this point and am heading downstairs for a gin and tonic instead!