Monday, 1 December 2014

Be a More Successful Blogger

My blogger friend Jessica, domiciled in the depths of Southern Ireland, pointed out to me that this  blog was not getting enough comments.
`You’re obviously not writing stuff that people want to read,’ she observed kindly and went on to tell me that her own gets several comments daily.    I said that was possibly because she blogs about knitting and lots of people in the British Isles and indeed many more in North America, are fanatical knitters.
`I think that’s where you are going wrong,’ she pronounced, `You don’t have a focus – if you want to be a successful blogger you have to cultivate a niche.’
I said that this particular platform did not make it particularly easy to work out how to make comments in the first place.  How many people  immediately realise that a comment is made via `No Comments'.
She ignored me and repeated that I needed a niche.
`A niche,’ I echoed and she said, `Yes, a niche.  The trouble with you is that you just seem to spew out what’s on your mind at the time – you’re all over the place.’
Oh yes, she's always had a lovely turn of phrase.
It’s quite hard to be affronted via Skype, especially when the reception is not at its best so I remained silent until she chose to speak again.
`Concentrate on just one area,’ she suggested helpfully, `Do New Zealanders crochet for example?’
I said yes they did, as well as knit, and what was more I was competent in both crafts myself. 
I told her that just before I decided I had to go because I could hear someone downstairs trying to deliver a book from Amazon.  Then I stared at the laptop for a while. 
I was still staring when the husband appeared to tell me he was going into town to get a haircut and that his tablet needed re-charging; he thought there might be something wrong with the battery.
`By the way, I didn’t think much of your post on Bill Cosby,’ he said, shrugging on his jacket, `I couldn’t work out what your point was’.
As he went down the stairs he added, `Maybe your blog needs more of a focus.' 
 I visualized with relish penetrating the space between his bony shoulders with a kitchen knife.


  1. Well, here's a different opinion - I admire the wide range of subjects in your posts, and would not want to read a blog devoted to crochet.
    Why do you need comments, if you are getting plenty of views?
    Though I admit it took me a while to work out that you click on "no comments" to make a comment - and still haven't worked out if there's a way of "liking" your posts other than on Facebook.

  2. I would never have thought that Jean and crochet could exist in the same sentence. But there you go...