Saturday, 6 February 2016


What I really like about ECCO shoes is how surprisingly comfortable they are. You are enveloped in a snug little haven of security from the very first moment you slip them on. `Why oh why have I not discovered them before now?’ you ask yourself. The array of styles is thrilling (well almost) and the colours are divine. Don’t even think of arguing with me because I speak as one who has purchased ECCO shoes in places as far flung as Sydney, Munich and even from the flagship store on Oxford Street, London. You could say that I know what I’m talking about. I am such a fan of the ECCO brand that I have been known to buy them from the local Newmarket shop right here in Auckland when they are not on sale – and where to own a pair you almost have to consider taking out a second mortgage. I once, not so very long ago, owned seven pairs, similar in style, but each of different hue. What bliss! What unsurpassed comfort. Well that was until I discovered the downside of ECCO shoes, the fact that after a year or two of moderate wear the soles quite suddenly, unexpectedly and all of their own accord……are liable to begin to disintegrate and distribute crumbs of black granules from beneath your bewildered (but still cosy) feet. You might well think to yourself that a complaint to the ECCO company will somehow put things right – but you will find that ECCO is a company very demanding to deal with. You might then think that a quick trip back to the shop where they were purchased might do the trick – but you will be most disappointed if you happened to make your purchase here in Auckland because that will be the store where I was admonished by the manager for ` not exercising the shoes enough’. The fact that each pair was barely worn was the real problem, he explained, because this very special brand of footwear needs to be worn daily. When I suggested they should therefore come with specific instructions he was simply not amused. Overall, neither was I.

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