Wednesday, 4 May 2016

BERNARD HENDY.....who will be greatly missed.

My beloved brother has now been gone for over a month and the dust that begins to settle upon his memory lies deeper in some places than in others. He was a conspicuously charismatic individual, unquestionably more than skilled in the art of engaging groups large and small with his wit and natural ability to weave compelling stories from the fabric of his life. His occasional embellishments and amplifications often startled those listeners who knew him best whilst greatly amusing those who knew him less than they thought they did. The outcome always being that no-one could accuse him of not telling a good tale! His habit of displaying different facets of himself in differing situations could also serve to confuse at times ensuring that only those closest to him were ever aware of the pressures and anxieties in his life. Fundamentally he was a man of many parts but he was also essentially a man who lacked enemies, instead gathering one friend and admirer after another. There was a kind of naiveté about him that often led him to expect more of others than they were prepared to give, more loyalty and allegiance than was practically possible. In the final analysis, however, it is very hard indeed to find someone who did not hold him in the greatest possible affection and regard. I am proud to have been his sister.

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