Friday, 3 June 2016

Happy Days

Much as I thought I loathed and detested those in shops who constantly wish me to `have a happy day’ I must say that after years of these joyful interactions it comes as a shock when faced once again with the surliness we were once accustomed to. Some months ago in central London I found myself almost reprimanding the saintly staff in Marks & Spencers for not being affable and gracious enough when I purchased my cottage pie and oven chips. You certainly notice when over the top customer service disappears from your life. Even so I have to say that the local habit of those in book shops and hardware stores who enquire what I am aiming to do at the weekend and if I have yet planned how to spend the next statutory holiday just a tinsy bit intrusive. There is a happy medium to the amount of happiness that can be absorbed into one day I suppose.

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