Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Trials & Tribulations of the EBook Writer

 Jennifer and I sat downtown sipping coffee and observing the harbour this morning and feeling just a little bit decadent for no very good reason.
As both of us are very close to the completion stage of a book, we spoke of writing, compared notes and commiserated one to another.   We both agreed that writing books is all very well....and publishing them is quite simple these days via the various ebook publishing sites.  We can accomplish all that easily enough -  the problem is getting people to then read the damn things.   
And when our books sit pristinely on the eshelves of Smashwords or Amazon month after month, snug inside their very well designed covers, causing not a flutter of real interest well, then quite understandably we grow just a little bit resentful.   Anybody would.   We even wonder if we might perhaps consider giving up writing and allotting more time to the SPCA or NZAGC.  

Just in case anyone happens to be interested in taking a peek at my most recent efforts, the links are below.    Chalk Pits & Cherry Stones   8.10 to Charing Cross    Deceived by Faith

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