Thursday, 24 March 2016


Still flushed with excitement regarding the trip of The Ghan I felt compelled to investigate the idea of a similar excursion perhaps from Moscow to Beijing. Seven days on the Trans Siberian has got to have something going for it - after all three days across Australia was magical wasn't it? There are certainly enough web sites devoted to this infamous Russian railway and on first investigation the basic fare seems surprisingly reasonable. However, that might well be the one where the passenger isn't allocated a seat. For just a few hundred pounds though it appears that you can share a four berth cabin though it's unlikely you would be able to choose your traveling companions. A two berth option is rather more costly. On the other hand you don't really make the trip in order to sleep or strike up friendships do you? It's more like an opportunity to examine the vast Siberian wastes as they roll by. After more than thirty minutes of analysis it still seemed like a good idea although I have to admit a slight hesitation when reading about the two `western style' toilets available (was that per carriage or per train one could not help wondering). The `shower hose' that is available between some carriages also caused a frisson of doubt. But I think it was the description of the `included' food (with some ticket options) that made me reassess. Mongolian fried breakfast eggs (somewhat brief description here - no muesli then?) Well I imagine I could do without breakfast to be fair. But a dinner of boiled mutton and cabbage does not really appeal. Not after The Ghan. On balance I feel it might have been better to have done the Trans Siberian first!

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