Sunday, 27 March 2016


The hugely costly Nespresso Pixie Clips machine acquired a few days before Christmas and used regularly ever since has developed a problem! The water tank has begun to leak copiously. I have become so joined at the hip with this machine over the past couple of months that I nearly cried. Frantic Google searches revealed little in the way of help and so on Easter Sunday, though feeling both cynical and unconvinced about the truth of their much vaunted 24/7 technical help line, I put in a call and prepared myself for an afternoon of futile anger and the planning of intricate revenge scenarios. I was quite taken aback to find myself immediately in conversation with an obliging Help Person who not only ignored my initial aggression and comments of the machine not being quite fit for purpose, but who assured me a replacement tank would be couriered out to me over the next day or two. It quite took the wind out of my sails I have to admit. A cautious `Full Marks’ to Nespresso for their commendable customer service. Caution has to be employed because after all I have not as yet received the replacement part BUT when I asked the Helpful One which courier company does the job for Nespresso I was dismayed to hear that it was New Zealand Post. My previous problems getting NZ Post Couriers to reliably deliver anything at all are well documented. I suppose I shall simply have to wait and see….with both fingers and toes firmly crossed!

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