Wednesday, 6 April 2016

DESIGN WAREHOUSE - Full Marks For Service!

DESIGN WAREHOUSE in The Strand, Parnell, in Auckland give very good service I have to say. Our courtyard furniture bought from them when we first downsized to this miniscule apartment, is now four years old so not altogether in the first flush of newness. A year ago one of the six chairs showed some slight cracking in the backrest slats and when I returned it they replaced it with a new one immediately and without question. There was no talk of warranties or third degree interrogation about who had been sitting on it – such as could it have been an overweight Father Bear- (it wasn't). More recently the rather splendid canvas sun umbrella began to show signs of insurrection by way of its hoisting cord arrangement; it was fraying. It became more and more difficult to winch it up. When I popped into the showroom to tell them, not only did they agree to look at it right away, they even sent a staff member up the road to collect it! Within twenty four hours it had been repaired, returned and re-erected for the very reasonable sum of twenty five dollars. That’s definitely good old fashioned service!

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