Thursday, 7 April 2016

NESPRESSO SHOPS.....are they Retailers?

From the moment we tumbled into the Nespresso Shop on the corner of Queen Street and bought the Pixie Clips Machine on the very eve of Christmas 2015, I fell precipitously in love! We even stopped going up the road for our morning coffee breaks, sitting at home instead and telling each other the coffee was better anyhow. Well it very nearly was. So when the water tank sprung a leak you can imagine our joint consternation. But all was not lost because even though it was Easter Sunday and I was quite positive there would be nobody at the end of the Technical Help Line, I was wrong and by Monday morning we had received a brand new water tank delivered courtesy of CourierPost NZ. Not only did it arrive at the speed of light it was actually left in the mail box as per my instructions. Now there’s a first! The only problem was that when I came to check it out I was aghast to find that this replacement tank actually leaked more than the original one. So distressed was I at this disagreeable turn of events that I just sat and moped for a week or two and we went back to morning coffee breaks in Parnell Road. Yesterday, however, I took the Bull by the Proverbial and re-rang the Technical Help Line and this time I was promised a Loan Machine whilst my own one was in for servicing. It was a while, and admittedly with the help of Consumer NZ and Good Friend Georgina before I realized that a Loan Machine was not really what I wanted. I wanted a New Machine. In fact Good Friend Georgina had already impressed upon me that was not only what I wanted, but what I actually needed and must have. The first problem seemed to be that there was no telephone number to be found for the Nespresso Shop on the corner of Queen Street and the second problem was that there was no email address either. One could be forgiven for deciding that they were not in fact Retailers. Consumer NZ put me right about this though and said they were almost certainly Retailers and as such I should at least `keep them in the loop’ as to what was going so wrong with my beloved Pixie Clips. So, armed with this information I took the bus into the City and spoke with Tom the Manager. He was almost as appalled and amazed as I had been myself because a three month old Pixie Clips simply should not spring leaks he told me. He would give me a spanking new one – in fact it was his first suggestion. As we did the paperwork I asked him why there was no telephone number for his Queen Street Corner shop and he said they didn’t need one because if there was a problem they were contacted by the Help Line by email. `But are you not a Retailer?’ I asked him and he murmured something as he bent over the computer. I thought it was just a tinsy bit odd but did not pursue the matter further. When I got home with my brand new machine I found to my further consternation that the Loan Machine had already been delivered most efficiently by CourierPost NZ. It sits in its huge blue plastic container on the kitchen bench. Retailers or not, you simply cannot fault these Nespresso People for the prompt service they at present provide.


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    1. Not completed without the help & support of Mrs Sanders I have to say

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