Friday, 22 August 2014

Booking accommodation via laptop

Booking suitable accommodation with only a laptop for guidance can be tricky.  And have you noticed just how long it can take?  I sat down with coffee and determined attitude just after nine a.m. and can't believe that just under three hours has passed.   And what have I achieved in that time? Precisely nothing!
Last time I look at Premier Inns in and around the Kent countryside I could swear they were not more than fifty pounds a night.   Unless Google is being capricious (just because it's me) they appear to have more than doubled in less than a year.   DH says it's more like four years but then what would he know?  He maintains a dignified distance when this kind of research is carried out which makes me want to kick him.   I feel more and more like Kirsty in Coronation Street and he begins to look like poor battered Tyrone.
But I digress.   Let's try Trip Advisor.

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