Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Worth a visit

Well at long last I managed to persuade the man in my life to try the game restaurant CAZADOR, situated somewhat strangely on a corner in the outer reaches of Dominion Road.  We were accompanied by No.2 son, here on a brief visit from Taiwan.
`We won't need to book,'  I said airily, `After all, it's sure to be empty on a Tuesday evening.'
Good thing he ignored me because when we arrived just after seven the place was two thirds full, and became even fuller over the next thirty minutes.
The atmosphere was a little starkly cold and univiting, lots of dead animals and birds stared down at us whilst we ate but we didn't mind that too much.    The food was surprisingly good, I might almost say excellent.  Between us we tried a splendid terrine, slow baked goat shanks, hare and quail followed by apple and calvados trifle and persimmon pannacotta.      Definitely worth a second visit!

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