Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fury from Afar!

Spent most of yesterday interacting with my Thunderbird Address Book in an attempt to create significant `subgroups' for ease of communication whilst DH (Dearest Husband) and I are away in the UK...if we ever get organised enough to leave.    The instructions via trusty Google were not particularly helpful and it seemed impossible to make the BCC option actually wake up and start operating.   Several tests that would have been happier snug and dormant in the darkest recesses of the laptop went flying off into the ether.  Seventy unrelated recipients from a range of my new and efficient subgroups received them.  
`Oh Bugga!' I thought and then again hopefully everyone would be far too busy to notice, or maybe not care, or maybe just hit the delete button.
Hours later, when I was boring a disinterested neighbour with the tale of technological ineptitude and adding that it didn't matter because nobody seemed to notice,  there came a far too furious email from from one whose privacy had been well and truly violated.  My unsuspecting laptop positively bristled with her lightning bolts of anger.   She had always assumed I knew what I was doing with computers.   Had I not been using one for long enough?   She was surprised at me.  I was never to put her name in an email in full view of fifty other people again.   She was not at all impressed.
No - she wasn't my old Geography teacher from the fourth form.  Just a girl I vaguely knew when I was twelve years old and haven't seen since.
Funny how differently people perceive things and how vast the range of their resulting actions can be. 

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