Friday, 17 October 2014

A Trip To The City

The husband looked impatient and complained bitterly that he thought we were going out so I reluctantly tore myself away from the delightful and very newly acquired skill of dragging photos from here to there on the computer screen.   Some of them refused to do anything other than remain upside down so they were best abandoned I thought.
We went to the library and filled with enthusiasm I came away with a `Totally Easy-Peasy Guide For Real Dummies on Windows 8' for me and a similar title for him on the Samsung Tablet he has now had for over a year and still cannot send or receive emails with.   To be fair he can and does read The Guardian  and avidly follows BBC News.
We then went to Mezze our favourite cafe for what he called `a snack'.    He polished off a dish of lamb tagine and two glasses of wine followed by almost half of my meatballs so I told him it was his dinner and not to expect more than a toasted sandwich later on.   In any case I was keen to use, yet again,  the sandwich press I bought last week and have become quite addicted to.
`This is nice,'  I said and he agreed.
Then the peace and equilibrium of Mezze mid afternoon on a Saturday was shattered by the entrance of new patrons - a grandmother and her adored three year old grand daughter who was terribly happy playing with her new plastic recorder.
`She'll stop as soon as she gets something to eat,'   I said hopefully.   But of course she didn't and played on, blissfully unaware of the hostile glances of others.   Grandmother did not notice the sudden air of cold disapproval because she was gazing at the little musical prodigy with love and devotion.
`Shall I ask politely if Grandmother would mind taking that bloody toy away from her?'  I suggested. The husband looked up with the air of one replete with good food and said no because it was time to go home.    So we did. 

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