Sunday, 12 October 2014

Supermarket Shopping on Quay Street

I generally do my supermarket shopping on Quay Street where the local Countdown seems full of Beautiful People so I enter and exit as inconspicuously as possible often wishing I had at least changed my sweater before leaving the house.
My local supermarket often has mothers with long pale hair lingering in the aisles and they have children with names like Tristram and Persephone.   While their beautiful mothers are exchanging recipes for grated carrot burgers and discussing the principles of  Montessori education, Tristram and Persephone play chasey around and about the fruit and vegetable displays and sometimes sample ice block flavours. Their mothers threaten to send them back to the four wheel drives parked below but they never actually do so because that might upset the dogs on the back seat.   The dogs are beautiful too, possibly Afghan hounds and they look somewhat like their owners.   
I imagine that these families and their pets live in pretty little cottages in Parnell, perhaps Scarborough Terrace but of course I could be wrong.   They might, after all have driven in from Avondale.   If so, I do wish they would shop in Avondale. 

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