Friday, 27 February 2015

They Kill Soldiers Don't They?

Should we send troops into a war zone?   Knowing that they might well become casualties?
Well the first question I have to ask is:  Are they going to be compelled to go?    If one of the few should express a great concern about the idea would he/she be forced to man up? 
I don’t know for certain but I suspect not.
In fact I believe if they asked for volunteers they might be overwhelmed by the number of our brave lads & lasses clamouring to offer their services.
The whole thing smells strongly of adventure after all.
Are we not in danger of forgetting what the purpose of the armed forces is all about?
Soldiers protect us.  Sometimes they protect us by going into war zones.
Ah, but it’s not really `our’ war is it?
Hmm…’s fast becoming everybody’s war isn’t it?
But what if one of them is killed?
Tragic though that may be in the final analysis soldiers do sometimes get killed don’t they?

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