Monday, 30 March 2015

No Tipping at Non Solo Pizza

Great treat today with a late lunch at Non Solo Pizza in Parnell - in the courtyard with the sun shining you could be forgiven for imagining it was Capri.    I had the seafood salad which was delicious.  I'm currently thinking Non Solo Pizza is indeed much better than Italia Square (which is a bit closer).   Food is very well priced - nice wines - best coffee in Parnell.   In fact there is very little about the place to dislike.....except perhaps the `do you want to tip' option that pops up when the bill is paid.   I really do dislike that.  I know it's terribly, terribly common but that doesn't make it feel any more right.  Presumably it's meant to shame the customer into tipping when they might not actually want to do so.   Unfortunately it has the opposite effect on me - and makes me delay my next visit which is a pity.   Oh well, I guess they can't be perfect.

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