Monday, 11 July 2016

A Dichotomy Perhaps....

I could not help wondering why those Londoners who were so breathlessly enraptured a few short weeks ago (or so they claimed) to have a Muslim Mayer in the city now expressed such doubts about having a practicing Christian as a Prime Minister. I discussed it with Joanna, recently arrived in Auckland to stay with a daughter who needed help with the children during the school holidays. Could it be that Theresa May’s Christian affiliations lay with some strange extreme Right of Centre cult, rumoured perhaps to go in for child sacrifice I wanted to know. `No, of course not,’ said my friend who had recently so applauded the choice of Muslin Mayer, `She’s an Anglican I believe.’ Aha, an Anglican, `Well anything’s possible then’ I nodded. She looked at me with just a fraction of doubt crossing her face before saying, `Well that’s what I mean of course.’

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