Thursday, 7 July 2016

Random Executions Not Good For Race Relations

If local early morning radio is correct yet another black man has been randomly executed by a white police officer in some American state, the name of which I didn't catch. The car the victim was driving was pulled over for a minor traffic infringement apparently and whilst the driver was compliantly reaching into his pocket to retrieve his driving license as directed he was indiscriminately shot dead. His passenger recorded the incident on her cell phone. Her young daughter was watching. You can hear their voices, calm, non threatening. The three of them appeared to be perfectly courteous. The police officer on the other hand sounded slightly hysterical. Now I’m no old fashioned Trendy Lefty seeing Racism in every corner, in fact I rarely give Racism a thought except when I’m accused of it but you have to draw a line somewhere and it is surely not good for the future of race relations to take the casual execution of black men by white policemen casually. What I cannot understand is why there is not more social unrest generated by these events. I’m not one to protest at the drop of a hat but I think that if I lived anywhere in the United States at this moment I would be out with my banner. In fact I would be painting my banner at this very moment.

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