Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Little Bit Of KEN RING Magic!

So we all awoke to the news of a seven point something or other quake on the east coast of the North Island and throughout the morning many Aucklanders maintained they had felt it and some stated that it jolted them from sleep at the ungodly hour of four thirty. We both slept right through the drama due to a combination of golf at Botany Downs for Himself and a ten thousand step walk to Newmarket for Me followed by the Medical History Society monthly dinner. The latter was barely acceptable as a dinner of any note and the less said about the beef stew the better but the ten thousand steps was evidenced by the Fitbit HR, it which does not lie. Why was I not surprised by the seismic event, robust though it was and followed by a tsunami alert? Because the honourable and praiseworthy Mr. Ken Ring himself had predicted it! You can say what you like about Ken Ring – and many people do – BUT you have to concede that his earthquake predictions are uncannily precise. Ken featured as one of my most celebrated Holiday Seminars (DONT say you’ve never heard of them) tutors for ten years and the clamouring for his classes was legend with children booking in months in advance to be absolutely certain they could join his Maths & Magic sessions. When I persuaded him to share his knowledge of earthquake prediction with eight and nine year olds via tutorials we called Secrets & Lies, his celebrity increased. It’s a great pity that the grey men in grey suits who sit in the grey walled offices of Weather & Seismic Activity did not always see eye to eye with Ken because invariably his predictions are so much more accurate than theirs.


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