Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Constant Family - Further Considerations.....

Obviously a great many Constant descendants have significant interest in their antecedents judging by the interest displayed in my brother’s memoir. I only joined the Facebook family group in recent weeks but they are most definitely an energetic troop. I was delighted to catch up with Patricia Constant Wade again. She lives locally and we had met a few years ago due to her connection with Bernard and his research. Facebook, though often scorned, clearly serves a purpose and the most surprising people have profiles to share. To be fair to the current Constants, I think Bernard has possibly been a little harder on the ancestors than strictly necessary but there again telling the plain unvarnished Truth reveals them as they were – warts & all! So far there has only been one unreceptive response and to be fair, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Sometimes it is challenging to face facts, especially if you feel you have reached a social platform where the skeletons of the past can be safely left behind you. In this respect I am reminded of the offspring of the first settlers of Australia – all clamouring to make sure their neighbours were aware that their particular branch of the family did not originate with anything as depraved and unacceptable as convict settlement. Several generations later those same families proudly insist on all and sundry knowing that their ancestry began with the most notorious convict you could ever imagine. There’s nought as queer as folk!

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