Monday, 26 September 2016

Concluding a Tidy Bit of Kentish......

Tidy, as in `we got a tidy few apples’ - Took to, meaning to become fond of `I took to her straight away’ - Trot describing anxiety, `I was in a trot’ - Twang, meaning an unpleasant flavour or taste - `it had a nasty twang to it’ - What for, usually applied to physical action such as `I gave him what for’ - Cleaned rotten, meaning attacked viciously verbally such as `I cleaned `er rotten’ - Clod hoppers, meaning heavy work shoes or boots - Bitter cold meaning extremely cold as in `It was a bitter cold day’ - Mizzle meaning very fine rain – Piddling meaning light rain – Feighnights used exclusively by children, usually in chasing games when a player needed a rest. Can anyone add a tidy few more....?

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