Friday, 28 November 2014

A Tale of Two Johns

I have to say I’m very nearly elated to see how the support of John Key does not seem to waver no matter how many text messages he forgets he has received or responses he has sent.   MPs and media commentators may jump up and down in both fury and anticipation at each twist and turn of this now oh so tedious tale but not only does John Key invariably bounce back smiling that attractively impish smile, but his loyal followers are bouncing right behind him.   I should know because I’m one of them.   As far as I’m concerned JK may very well be a teeny bit more absent minded than we might have hoped,  he may even at times not choose his acquaintances terribly wisely, but he is a great improvement on what has gone before.   I say, long may he reign!
And as for John Banks, well it’s about time he was allowed to come up smiling.   I never for one moment believed the nonsensical accusations against him.   I have to say that he is possibly not a man one immediately warms to.   For me he does not have the appeal and charisma of JK but on the other hand there is something about him that seems totally up front and honest.  And if he has another crack at being Mayor......the city prophets might well be totally overwhelmed by the numbers voting for him.

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