Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lunch At Harbourside

We lunched at Harbourside yesterday, the husband and I, fighting  our way through the tempest that was blowing downtown, utterly determined to eat whilst overlooking the harbour - and we did.  The place was, predictably at 2.15pm on a wet and windy Saturday, sparsely filled.
`Have you room for two?'  I asked, expecting a rueful smile.    The desk person looked at me a wee bit frostily and said she would consult the book.   She did and came back in a moment or two to reassure me they had a table outside.   The thought of a table outside on such a day would have filled me with some concern in days past but since the `new people' have moved in and taken the place in hand the deck with the dramatic view is now cleverly shielded from the weather.  There was even a heater overhead in case we felt chilly.
The husband ordered two glasses of splendid Chardonnay and said he was going to have fish and chips with mushy peas.   I ordered French style mussels - and a portion of chips just in case he was disinclined to share his. The food was very good indeed.
We decided not to get tempted by the dessert menu.   Neither of us are keen on Harbourside desserts which are good to look at, cleverly constructed, expensive overall and very short on taste.   But as it was still afternoon we did order coffee and I had a Disaronno and reflected that the combination of coffee and liqueur always makes me feel like a character from a nineteen thirties novel.   I almost began to wish I had not given up smoking.

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