Monday, 24 November 2014

The Roger Sutton Saga

We’ve had a little respite from the Sutton Saga over the past twenty four hours – gives us time to take breath at least.  
I for one, enjoyed his unexpected media conference because it made a refreshing change from the run of the mill head-down-and-hiding that we’ve come to expect from most sexual harassers. I think Roger spoke well (the deaf husband could hear every word even though he’d left his hearing aids in the kitchen) and he had just the right touch of candid regret as he confessed to the (ouch!) barely repeatable terms he had used when speaking to female staff.  He had used distasteful endearments such as `sweetie’ possibly even `darling’ or `honey’ – and that was wrong.  He was going to work on this intolerable aspect of his persona and try to make changes.   There was a barely hidden hint of inner distress in the way he stood, shoulders back, valiantly facing the cameras.  
Why was it I wonder that I had the strongest feeling that he was laughing at us, that his tongue was very firmly in his cheek?  Why do I still wonder what the Sutton Saga is really about?

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